Vol. 3 – Wonder Works

Ironwolf Clan Comic Book #2 will be entitled the Wonder Works (formerly entitled ‘Tales from the Laundromat’.) and release Q2 of 2017.

Cover (WIP)

Vol. 3 Wonder Works (In-Progress)

Vol. 3 Wonder Works (In-Progress)




This story will involve Ironwolf Clan from Bleeding Hollow and several gnome-centric guilds including Gnomeregan Forever (G4), Tinkers Union, and a special appearance by Songhammer.

Animated Teaser Video

A substory relates to the origin of a major villain, Xiaoyin Xu – the Silencer.

An earlier draft concept was called Tales from the Laundromat. If you’re interested in reading what was written, click here: Tales from the Laundromat

How Does this fit into Legion or the other comic book?

Ironwolf Comic Shadows of the Legion takes place during 6.2 and before the Legion Invasions pre-event. This story takes place a few months later, easing into the invasion event. Dalaran is positioned over Deadwind Pass.

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Summary of Story

As the threat of the Legion grows with sporadic invasions, an unknown artifact surfaces in the most unlikely of places – the Wonder Works toy shop. Its reappearance triggers a series of events that threaten to topple Dalaran and help the Legion sweep across Azeroth. Two bastions of their respective factions – the Ironwolf Clan and Gnomeregan Forever must work together to unravel the secret Wonder Works factory and amusement park.



The Raid Bosses

  • The Rustmaster
  • Hsihad the Efreet Lord
  • The Fel Rift Wheel
  • Hall of Mirror Dimensions
  • Xiaoyin Xu
  • Sicco Thermaplugg
  • IR-Tx Battle module